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Fitness Advice for You

I’m inviting you to make better, healthier choices in life. Start by checking out my collection of helpful fitness articles that will put you on the path towards a fitter and healthier you.


Strength Training For Beginners

If you are starting out and are looking to gain strength, you want to stick to the 4 main compound exercises: Bench press, Squat, Shoulder press and Deadlift.  3 sets of 10 will do for now after a warm up. How much weight should you use? Experiment with different weights and chose ones that you can do safely for about 10 reps.

Stretching Exercises

Dynamic warm up V static stretching 

Personally, I feel both have their place. While sprinting, we would perform dynamic stretches after a warm up jog and static stretches after our session. When doing static stretches after a workout do not stretch too far as that may tear a muscle as your muscles will have been contracted. For more information visit,that%20incorporate%20sport%20specific%20movements.

Running Down Stairs

10 Ways to Lose Weight

  1. Cut down on carbohydrates

  2. Increase Cardio exercises

  3. Do incorporate strength training in your routine

  4. Do interval training

  5. Make your calorie expenditure higher than consumption 

  6. Get your 7/8 hours sleep!

  7. Drink plenty of water

  8. Do Intermittent fasting

  9. Have a cheat day!

  10. Trim your portions 

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